1967 Yenko Camaro


1967 was the first year of the Chevrolet Camaro, and it was also the first year of the dealer trimmed Yenko Camaro. Originally, these Camaros were ordered as SS 350 Camaros and later they were ordered as SS 396 Camaros, appearing just like the one on this page. The early SS 350 Camaros underwent a complete engine swap with a factory L-72 427 Corvette crate motor. Some were special ordered, but they were not COPO Camaros. Most were SS 396 L-78 Camaros. The 396 engines were removed, a new 427 cubic inch short block was installed in many of them and the cylinder heads from the factory L-78 396 were re-installed along with the aluminum intake manifold and the Holley carb. Most if not all, received long tube headers that really awakened the sleeping giant under the hood. A wide variery of options were available possibly making each car unique in its own way.

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Please note: Other dealers and high performance centers participated in the construction of 427 Camaros during the 1967 model year. As more information about these Camaros and their shops emerge, they will be included into the next edition of the COPO Book.



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